JT Physiotherapy launches 'No Barriers'

JT Physiotherapy launches 'No Barriers'

A new initiative that enables people living with physical and intellectual disabilities to get active within their community has been launched in Donegal.

Spearheaded by Letterkenny Chartered Physiotherapist, Johnny Loughrey and his team, the ‘No Barriers’ Programme aims to break down any actual and perceived barriers to physical activity for people living with physical and intellectual disabilities.

‘No Barriers’ is designed to improve physical and mental health through evidence based physiotherapy, exercise and nutritional support. The JT Physio team worked in close partnership with the Little Angels School and St. Eunan’s College Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Unit to develop the programme.

The overall goal is to encourage greater levels of independence for those with physical and intellectual disabilities, by improving their strength and physical fitness, while also facilitating integration into group exercise within their community.

Commenting on the ‘No Barriers’ Programme, Johnny Loughrey, JT Physiotherapy, said: “This project is very close to our hearts and we’re extremely proud to be associated with it.

“ I work very closely with the Irish Paralympics team and they are such an inspirational group of athletes who, regardless of their disabilities, have achieved so much.

“Here at JT Physiotherapy, we encourage people to realise that it's ok to have a different baseline of fitness and level of functional ability from the general population.

“However, the principles of exercise are the same – small increases in strength/mobility over time reap big results. There should be no barriers to getting fitter and living longer.” Johnny added.