Micheál  postponed surgery to be with Donegal Ladies in Parnell Park

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Micheál  postponed surgery to be with Donegal Ladies in Parnell Park
ByTom Comacksport@donegaldemocrat.comTwitter:@dgldemocrat

Donegal manager Michael  Naughton signed himself out of hospital on Thursday  so as to be in Parnell Park, on Saturday evening to guide his side to a Division Two League title.

The Donegal manager was admitted to hospital on Wednesday and was told on Thursday that he would have to remain in hospital of five days so he decided to sign himself out.

“The surgeon told me I required surgery and that I would be  in hospital for at least five days afterwards. I decided to postpone the surgery until Monday,” explained the Donegal boss, who is due back in hospital this morning (Monday) for the surgery.

“I just had to be with the girls. This was a huge game for them and the county and I felt I had to be with them and thankfully I was and everything went well.

“We won the game and I’m no worse for wear,” added the Donegal boss, who had admitted to being delighted and  very proud of the girls and the performance and the manner in which they won.

“They played very well and I’m really proud of them and  it was brilliant to win the league but it was more important that we won promotion.

“That had been our goal all year. We had won all our games up to the final just like last year and we were determined not to slip up this time around and miss out on the promotion.”

Ace forward Geraldine McLaughlin made a miraculous recovery from a serious back injury suffered on Monday, playing for her club Termon, in the Donegal Ladies Comórtas Peile Na Gaeltachta final.

The sharpshooterl, who scored six points in the final, spent a number of day in Letterkenny University Hospital and was rated extremely doubtful right up to the 11th hour.

“We didn’t make a final on Geraldine until the warm-up before the game. She had intensive treatment all week and she was well strapped up and received a pain killing injection.

“But the final call was not made until the warm up and even at that we did not know whether or not she would last a half. But she did and made a big contribution and we were delighted that she did because she is such a huge player for us and her presence alone meant that Westmeath were wary of her and right through the game had two players marking.”