Rugby club to row for charity


Rugby club to row for charity

Letterkenny Rugby Club members are holding a Charity 12-hour Row Event in the town on Saturday, from 12 noon till 12 midnight.

The event will take place at Lower Main St., Letterkenny, outside Voodoo. There's a host of teams signed up from the club who will take part and keep the rowing going for the 12 hours.

The fundraiser coincides with Autism Awareness Month. One of the fundraising organisers, Michael McGarvey, said he's delighted to have had a great response to the event so far.

“Letterkenny Rugby Club appreciate all the support and to do this in association with and help raise awareness and funds for the Donegal Autism Working Group,” he said.

“For the month that's in it, it's great for the club and for all involved,” he said.

The Autism Family Support Group was set up nine years ago by a small group of parents who came together to provide support, encouragement and information for those whose lives are affected by ASD by sharing information and experiences.

They all work on a voluntary basis and they have over 120 members.

Arthur McMahon from Donegal Oil Company has been actively involved in raising awareness and funds over the past few years for the Donegal Working Autism.