Dublin manager, Jim Gavin, was obviously happy with the way the game went and especially the result.

"I thought the Dublin boys showed good control throughout the game. We’ve been asked a lot of different questions in the National League this season and Donegal ask you a particular type of question.

"I thought the boys responded well. They were looking forward to the game all week. They were having fun breaking that challenge down. To score 1-8 from play is a pretty good testament to how they met that challenge.

"There is good grit in the team now, good resilience. Donegal went ahead for a while there but they kept their composure, stayed in control which is the most pleasing aspect.

"Defensively we were solid. Seven points to concede over 74 odd minutes is a pretty good reflection of how solid we were," said Gavin, who agreed that Donegal are tough to play against.

"We have just become accustomed to it now. Most teams will present a defensive system like that. They want to compress it; want to exploit space that we leave behind. We’ve had it in most games. The guys are really enjoying the challenge of it."

The Dublin boss agreed that it may not have been a great game for the spectators: "No. I wouldn’t say it was a pretty game to watch at all. That’s not the way we play the game; it’s not by choice. There is no right or wrong way to play Gaelic football. Teams decide on it themselves. We've a particular way we play football in Dublin. It’s expressive, it’s creative. For me and the coaching staff, the creative bit takes the most time to teach and practice. That’s just the way football is played in Dublin – I’m not saying it’s the right or wrong way. That’s the way we play it here.

"But we’re happy to meet that challenge, whatever way teams set up against us."

Asked about Donegal's lack of ambition, Gavin said: "It’s early in the season. We have seen them playing very expansive football, how many scores they can get. Maybe they were just trying something this evening. We’re 10 weeks out from championship from Dublin’s perspective so there is time to be playing around with systems and trying new things. I can’t really speak for them," said Gavin, who said he would review the tape before making any comment on the sendings off.

Gavin also added that the save from Michael Savage early in the game was very important but he didn't think the game would have evolved any different if it went in.

“Not really. It's happened us in the National League that games ebb and flow. Games are not a straight line, it's not linear. That bit of grit that the Dublin lads have now, they're well accustomed to meeting that challenge coming from behind. So if the goal went in, we just stick with our process and keep on going through the phases of play and try and get back," said Gavin, who said they would approach the final game against Roscommon the way they have approached all games so far.