Finesse gymnasts at GymSTART assessment

Finesse gymnasts at GymSTART assessment

Gymnasts from Finesse Gymnastics Display Club had their gymnastics skills assessed last Saturday by the official grading system set out by Gymnastics

Ireland, the national federation governing gymnastics registered clubs in Ireland.

GymSTART is the Gymnastics Ireland official award system. The grading system better known as the GymSTART Awards have ten levels with ten elements on each level with level 10 being the most difficult. Gymnasts from Finesse have practiced hard over the past few months to perfect gymnastics floor skills appropriate to their levels.

Huge congratulations must be extended to all gymnasts who achieved their relevant awards. A special mention must go to four members from our Senior Display Team who completed and successfully passed level 10 of these awards this time around.

Last Saturday was a very proud day for Finesse as in addition to the success with the GymSTART Awards two of the club’s gymnasts entered the Elite Proficiency Awards system for the first time. These gymnasts have already achieved all 10 levels in Gymnastics Ireland's GymSTART Awards in previous months. Ailbhe Gallagher was awarded the Bronze Elite Proficiency Award while Orla Lonergan achieved the Silver Elite Proficiency Award. The club is very proud of both girls and their wonderful success.