Donegal the biggest win yet - Kevin McStay


Donegal the biggest win yet - Kevin McStay

Roscommon have beaten Cork and Kerry, and now Donegal, all away, and of the three big guns for joint Roscommon manager Kevin McStay, yesterday’s win over Donegal was the big one.

“This is the best one of them all, even much better than Kerry,” said the former Mayo star.

“We are not 100% sure where Kerry were at but I think we know Donegal were trying to get points today. Look at the players they started and brought on,” he added.

“I’m not sure about Kerry. It was played in shocking conditions; today was a good day for football and now we know we are playing a brand of football that will survive in this division no matter what the defences are.

“Today was a good old fashioned National League game with a good crowd and a good atmosphere and we were up for it and tore into it from the off.”

“We were very energetic. We got between the goal and the Donegal men and that was the challenge we set ourselves last night.

“You have to get between them and the goal and that is where the desire and workrate comes from and if you do that you might find that Donegal are ordinary enough at this time of the year.”