Another disappointing day out Donegal

Good luck to U-21s on Wednesday

Another disappointing day out Donegal

Another disappointing result and even more so a disappointing performance against Roscommon in O'Donnell Park.

I don’t want to take from Roscommon, who played some very good football and used both the boot and hand well.

But from a Donegal point of view it was a disappointing display. I thought we looked lethargic and we were lucky the game wasn’t over at half-time. They had a couple of very good goal chances.

After Michael Murphy, our best player was the goalkeeper, which says a lot about the performance. We were very open down the middle and again apart from Michael Murphy and Peter Boyle, if you were handing out marks you would have a job to pass six.

Neil McGee and Frank McGlynn, two All-Stars, were sorely missed from the heart of the defence. It was good to see Karl Lacey back.

I have to say I was surprised that Martin McElhinney was replaced. I felt he had been putting in an effort and was playing well when he was taken off.

In all probability the six points are good enough to retain our status in the top flight but I would like to see us get to a league semi-final at least.

Yesterday’s result means we are going to have to take two points from our last two games, away to Dublin and Monaghan.

Our best bet for those two points are against Monaghan in the last game in Castleblaney. It would be also important to beat Monaghan purely from a psychological point of view for the championship later in the summer.

I don’t know what type of training we are doing at the moment and whether or not we are in the middle of some heavy duty stuff, but I felt we looked very lethargic and not up to the pace of Roscommon.

Losing the game is one thing but the manner of the defeat and the lack of performance for the second week in-a-row is worrying.

Hopefully, the U-21s, who are playing Derry on Wednesday night, get a run in the championship. It is very important for the U-21s get a run and maybe, like Tyrone last year, get a number of players out of the U-21s.

It was pretty apparent yesterday that we need young legs and an infusion of fresh blood.

Brian McEniff was in conversation Tom Comack.