A good second half performance from Donegal

McGrath gets better each week

A good second half performance from Donegal

Another two points bagged in the league following yesterday’s win over Mayo in Ballybofey.

We have six points now from our three games and are in a great position and I have to say the boys are playing very well.

They may have been shaky in the first half and being honest about it we were lucky to be only a point down at half-time. But that is a great quality in this team; they can be a bit off the mark but they still have the ability to cling on and that is what we did in the first half yesterday.

But we were a different team in the second half. We tightened up around midfield and started to win more primary possession in the area.

Rory also used his bench well and I thought the subs worked very well. Anthony Thompson, Christy Toye and Leo McLoone all made a big impact.

Leo put the goal away well and Anthony and Christy both had a hand in it too. It was a top class score and was a great response to their goal. I’m just after watching the penalty for their goal and the jury are very much out on whether he was inside the rectangle when he was fouled. The player may have been inside but it is not clear if his leg was inside when the contact was made by Peter Boyle.

We responded well to the goal because it could have given them the momentum to kick on.

We had a number of outstanding performances.

Paddy McGrath gets better with every game and had another outstanding performance. The McGees are the McGees. I thought Neil did very well on big Aidan O’Shea and really put the shackles on him.

Ryan McHugh had another big game and kicked two brilliant points and Michael Murphy was simply brilliant and landed a couple of massive frees. He scored five points in all and he is such a quality free taker either off the ground or out of the hands that when he steps up to take a free you have every confidence that it is going over.

Rory Kavanagh had a good game and kicked a good point. The year out seems to have given him a new zest for the game. Overall it was good performance.

Brian McEniff was in conversation with Tom Comack.