Dunnion speaks out on Croke Park funding


Dunnion speaks out on Croke Park funding

In light of the revelation in the recent publication of GAA accounts of funding paid out by Croke Park for games development, Donegal GAA chairman, Sean Dunnion, spoke last week about Donegal being disadvantaged.

The report of the annual accounts showed that Dublin had received 47% of the grants available, receiving a sum of €1,460,400 while Donegal received just €40,200.

The Donegal chairman feels that there is an imbalance also in Ulster with the Six Counties having access to much more funds, while the three Ulster counties - Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan are severely disadvantaged.

Speaking to The Irish News last week, Dunnion, said Donegal received €40,200 but pointed out that they there weren’t as many avenues to go down in comparison to most of their neighbouring counties in Ulster.

“We’re particularly disadvantaged with regards to funding being one of the three counties in Ulster outside the Six Counties,” said the Four Masters clubman.

“They’re getting a lot of money pumped in through the various departments in the Ulster Council. It comes with the condition that it can only be spent in the Six Counties.

“We’re certainly at a disadvantage - ourselves, Cavan and Monaghan - with regards to the funding that comes out of Ulster even. We have been making representation along those lines recently.”

Dunnion feels there’s a risk of counties falling further behind Dublin if the problem is not rectified.

"You’d have to ask the question if Dublin are getting 47 per cent of the coaching money and you look at their strength at the moment,” he said.

“There certainly is an imbalance and that needs to be readdressed in some fashion because Dublin are only going to continue to get stronger if we don’t invest more in the other counties. Dublin is a huge county with a huge population, but our take on it would be that we would like to get more finance into the county for coaching.

“We believe that we need more, we would really be thin on the ground with full-time coaches in the county. We would certainly be advocating for more funding, whether the right thing is to take it off Dublin and give it to the other counties, I don’t know.”