Donegal Town chef chosen as head judge in competition

Changing attitudes: Chef Zack Gallagher has spent years changing perceptions

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter


Donegal Town chef chosen as head judge in competition

Zack Gallagher head Judge for Foodie Destinations 2018 with his daughter Lily

Donegal Town chef, food blogger and Failte Ireland food ambassador, Zack Gallagher, has once again been appointed the Head Judge for the Foodie Destinations of Ireland 2018 for the second year in a row.

The Foodie Destinations competition is run by the Restaurants Association of Ireland in conjuction with Failte Ireland and FBD Insurance, with the aim of celebrating Ireland’s unique and wonderful food offerings and to encourage local food tourism initiatives across the country.

Zack set up Irish Food Tours Ltd., as a food tourism marketing company, in 2014 to create a network of artisan food producers all over Ireland, north and south. He encourages food producers to develop their "food story" and then helps to bring together 3-5 producers in a region into a local food trail. By teaching them how to use the internet and social media to promote their food tourism offering, Zack also assists farmers and food producers in building a tourism add-on to their existing business.

"There is a whole new revenue stream available for food producers and farmers who learn how to adapt their existing business and offer a tasting tour of their production facilities or farm, to paying tourists and guests.

"I've been creating our Irish Food network for several years and helping to change the traditional image perception of Irish food, as seen from abroad and away from Irish Bacon and Cabbage or Stew, and highlighting the wonderful new modern styles of food service using traditional and local food ingredients, that we have here in Ireland,” he said.

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