Shiels first home in Raphoe

Race two of Lifford AC’s 5K series saw yet another large contingent of athletes take to the roads around Raphoe on Sunday for what is turning out to be a hugely successful three race series.

Race two of Lifford AC’s 5K series saw yet another large contingent of athletes take to the roads around Raphoe on Sunday for what is turning out to be a hugely successful three race series.

An early morning start and a few early showers did nothing to deter the 169 runners who travelled from across the county and beyond.

Under the starters orders of local Councillor and former Lifford AC athlete, Frank McBrearty, athletes made their way around a new race route in the town, ending up in the Diamond area. Foyle Valley’s Keith Shiels was first man home, completing the 5k route in 16.51. Letterkenny’s Humphrey Murphy was second man home, finishing in 17.37, just coming home ahead of Foyle Valley’s Patrick Mahon 17.37, with Lifford pair Daniel Hannigan (17.42) and James Crossan (17.45) yet again posting strong runs for the local club.

Following on from her victory in last weeks St. Johnston/Carrigans race, City of Derry girl Catherine Lilburn was the victor here again in Raphoe, coming home in 19.07. Second woman home was Tír Chónaill’s Vera Haughey in 23.01, followed by team mate Jackie Harvey in 23.40. Lifford’s Isabella Breslin was fourth woman home finshing in 23.59, just ahead of Foyle Valley’s Gemma McGinty in 24.02.

In the category placings, Letterkenny’s Humphrey Murphy led the V1’s, followed by Tír Chónaill’s Martin O’Halloran (17.52) and Letterkenny’s Martin Gormley (17.53). In the V2 category, Letterkenny’s Joe English led the way in 18.13 followed by Enniskillen’s Jimmy Renfrew (19.03) and City of Derry’s Peter Lilburn third in 19.07. In the V3 category, City of Derry’s Christy McMonagle was again victorious coming home in 20.33, followed by Lifford’s Danny Burns in 24.50.

In the Women’s senior race, Catherine Lilburn was victorious, followed by Gemma McGinty, and Finn Valley’s Samantha Wilkinson (24.50) in third. In the Women’s V1 category, Isabella Breslin led the way, followed by Letterkenny’s Laura Corbett (24.06) and Jane Watt in 25.24. In the V2 category, Dympna Barrett (24.59) and Ruth McCrudden (26.47) were first and second, with Lifford’s Anne Lynch finishing in third in 34.04. In the V3 category, the Tír Chónaill sisters Vera Haughey and Jackie Harvey led the way, with Lifford’s Betty Burns third in 35.03.

In the Junior Women’s race, it was a City of Derry one two, led home by Amy McDaid in 20.44, followed by Hannah McGowan (22.00) and Lifford AC’s Shannon Craig in 25.12. The Junior men’s race was won by Letterkenny lad Conor Morrison in 19.22, followed by City of Derry’s Zack McGowan (19.59) and ever improving Lifford AC athlete Ciaran Meehan third in 20.31.

Thanks to everyone who turned up to support the race. With a race start of 10.00am, and all proceedings including refreshments and results printed and announced by 11.30am, it was a well organised race morning, and very much a large team effort by all involved. Thanks to Councillor McBrearty for starting the race, the race marshalls and organisers, the local Gardaí, everyone who helped out with refreshments, and to Deele College for the use of their fine sportshall for pre and post race activities.

The final race of the series will be held in Lifford next Sunday, 29th January, again with a 10am start. With yet more points collected today and a change of race positions for several athletes, the race next week should be an exciting affair when the final points are tallied. Athletes can register on line at and receive their race number in advance, speeding entry up on the morning of the race. For further details on next weeks race, contact Brendan on 086-6007847.

Raphoe 5K Results

Place Name Time Category Club

1 Keith Shiels 16.51 SM Foyle Valley

2 Humph Murphy 17.37 M40+ Letterkenny

3 Patrick Mahon 17.37 SM Foyle Valley

4 Daniel Hannigan 17.42 SM Lifford

5 James Crossan 17.45 SM Lifford

6 Ger McGranaghan 17.47 SM Letterkenny

7 Martin O’Halloran 17.52 M40+ Tír Chonaill

8 Martin Gormley 17.53 M40+ Letterkenny

9 Kevin Connolly 18.03 SM Lifford

10 Martin Irwin 18.09 M40+ Finn Valley

11 Joe English 18.13 M50+ Letterkenny

12 Gary McGee 18.15 M40+ City Of Derry

13 Jude O’Donnell 18.33 SM Unattached

14 Hugh Coll 18.52 SM Milford

15 Brian Breslin 18.56 SM Lifford

16 Jimmy Renfrew 19.03 M50+ Enniskillen Running Club

17 Brian Ferry 19.05 SM Unattached

18 Catherine Lilburn 19.07 SW City Of Derry

19 Peter Lilburn 19.07 M50+ City Of Derry

20 Annraoi Cheevers 19.13 SM Letterkenny

21 Martin Devenney 19.19 SM Lifford

22 Conor Morrisson 19.22 JM Letterkenny

23 Drew Doherty 19.23 M50+ Finn Valley

24 Gary Quinn 19.46 SM Unattached

25 Brendan Boggs 19.55 SM Unattached

26 Maurice Sharkey 19.56 SM Lifford

27 Zack McGowan 19.59 JM City Of Derry

28 Paul Dillon 19.59 SM Unattached

29 Garvan Mulligan 20.00 SM Unattached

30 Garvan McCloskey 20.05 M40+ Letterkenny

31 Raymond Doherty 20.06 M40+ Finn Valley

32 Sean McBride 20.09 SM Unattached

33 Michael Gallagher 20.10 M50+ Unattached

34 Glen Duncan 20.18 SM Letterkenny

35 Malcolm McCausland 20.28 M50+ C Of Derry

36 Ciaran Meehan 20.31 JM Lifford

37 Christy McMonagle 20.33 M60+ C Of Derry

38 Darren Gillespie 20.36 JM Lifford

39 Seamus Morrison 20.36 M40+ Letterkenny

40 Ciaran Bovaird 20.42 M40+ Unattached

41 Amy McDaid 20.44 JW City Of Derry

42 Paul Lynch 20.47 SM Unattached

43 Daniel Duggan 20.52 SM Unattached

44 Roy Hunter 20.53 M50+ Unattached

45 Liam Marley 21.00 M50+ Cranford

46 Andy Scanlon 21.03 M40+ Finn Valley

47 Richard Raymond 21.12 M50+ Letterkenny

48 Sean McGinley 21.14 SM Lifford

49 Gab McCrossan 21.16 M40+ Letterkenny

50 Patrick McNamee 21.19 SM Unattached

51 Peter McGlynn 21.21 JM Lifford

52 Raymond McGahey 21.23 M40+ Unattached

53 Hugh O’Donnell 21.31 M50+ Unattached

54 Adam Doherty 21.37 JM Lifford

55 Gary Gallagher 21.46 SM Lifford

56 Martin McHugh 21.47 JM Lifford

57 Kevin Doherty 21.51 SM Unattached

58 Ronan Gallen 21.55 SM Unattached

59 Shaun Colhoun 21.55 M40+ Unattached

60 Gerard Campbell 21.56 M40+ Lifford

61 Hannah McGowan 22.00 JW City Of Derry

62 Eunan Scanlon 22.01 SM Unattached

63 Dominic Carlin 22.06 M40+ Unattached

64 Ryan Dorrian 22.10 SM Unattached

65 Shane Keavney 22.15 SM Unattached

66 Joseph McGinley 22.16 JM Lifford

67 Alan McGinley 22.19 JM Lifford

68 Paddy Gallagher 22.33 M40+ Lifford

69 Kieran Sweeney 22.48 SM Unattached

70 Vin McLoughlin 22.53 M40+Unattached

71 Alan Lyttle 22.56 SM Unattached

72 Gerard Crawford 22.58 SM Lifford

73 Vera Haughey 23.01 W50+ Tír Chonaill

74 Darren Lynch 23.06 SM Unattached

76 Paul Cosgrove 23.23 M40+ Letterkenny

77 Kevin McMenamin 23.23 SM Unattached

78 Samuel Wilson 23.34 JM Lifford

79 Jack Gillespie 23.36 JM Finn Valley

80 Wilson Craig 23.36 JM Lifford

81 Jackie Harvey 23.40 W50+ Tír Chonaill

82 Frankie Murray 23.42 M50+ clg R Emmets

83 Isabella Breslin 23.59 W40+ Lifford