READ THE REID: Sigerson, Railway Cups and man ‘flu

By Donal Reid


By Donal Reid

The good news this week is that some of our Donegal players have won titles with their province and college respectively.

The good news this week is that some of our Donegal players have won titles with their province and college respectively.

The bad news is that somebody doesn’t like the photograph of me that appears with this article.

As Lauren Cooper alias Catherine Tate would say, “Am I bovered”? No, not in the slightest. And to the kind person who texted me regarding my picture, I’m glad that at least you like my article and no I don’t take offence either.

More importantly, Neil McGee scored the goal that clinched the Interprovincial title for Ulster last Sunday in Armagh. Karl Lacey and Rory Kavanagh also played pivotal roles in Ulster’s victory. The previous day, DCU won the Sigerson Cup in Galway where Donegal players Michael Boyle and Michael Murphy, were participants, the former as goalkeeper and the latter as a late substitute in both the semi-final and final. St. Michael’s Antoin McFadden played a big part while Martin McElhinney was also in the panel.

So that’s the good news over for now.

It’s Lent and this may be perceived as bad news for publicans, sweet shops and for those who “bover” to make some sort of sacrifice for a period of forty days.

Lent is observed by many Christian denominations and traditionally the believer practises prayer, penance, repentance, almsgiving and self-denial.

I’m not a religious expert but my friend Sister Susan of Mount Carmel in Drumkeen is a fantastic educator. I hope Sister doesn’t mind me blaming her for the knowledge that she has given me. Those of you who know her will concur that she is a selfless and compassionate person. Sister Susan has affected so many lives in a positive sense and continues to exercise her vocation through those Lenten practices mentioned above every day of her life. I suppose it’s not too much to ask that we make an effort to be better people during lent whether we have or have not got Christian beliefs.

There may even be a halo over my head in that unfavourable photo of me by the time Easter arrives!

Easter marks the end of Lent and at this time of year we notice that our short winter days ease into longer spring evenings when we can breathe again. I caught the ‘flu from one of these breaths at the weekend.

We are all affected in different ways when we get the ‘flu but, most of us will experience a headache, shivering, sore throat, cough and so on. I had all of the above plus the “so on” bit.

My daughters told me that I had ‘Man ‘Flu’. These are the facts about ‘Man ‘flu’:

1. Man ‘flu is more painful than childbirth.

2. Man ‘flu is not “just a cold”. It is a VERY VERY severe condition.

3. Women do not contract Man ‘Flu, all they get is the medically recognised condition “Mild Girlie Sniffle”.

4. Men do not moan when they have Man ‘Flu, they emit involuntary groans of agony proportional to the seriousness of the condition.

5. Full recovery from Man ‘Flu will be quicker if the man requests sympathy and care and are met without any nagging.

6. Men suffering from Man ‘Flu really want to go to work but resist so as to prevent infecting any of their colleagues.

7. The pub is recognised as a medically accepted form of treatment for Man ‘Flu.

8. Watching lots of sport on TV for days on end is another recognised cure for Man ‘Flu.

Footnote: With your co-operation ladies we can beat this epidemic together!