Score by Score

3rd min. Michael Murphy pops over a free from 15 metres after the Glenswilly man was fouled himself by Eoin Cadogan. Donegal 0-1 Cork 0-0

3rd min. Michael Murphy pops over a free from 15 metres after the Glenswilly man was fouled himself by Eoin Cadogan. Donegal 0-1 Cork 0-0

6 Cork are level through a point from Paul Kerrigan in space. Easy score. Donegal 0-1 Cork 0-1

7 Patrick Kelly dispossess Mark McHugh following a kick-out from Paul Durcan for an avoidable point. Donegal 0-1 Cork 0-2

9 Colm McFadden scores a free with the trusty leg peg after great play from Patrick McBrearty to win the free Donegal. 0-2 Cork 0-2

11 Brilliant score from Colm McFadden, who was set up by Michael Murphy after Anthony Thompson’s ball in Donegal. 0-3 Cork 0-2

13 Level again after a free from Daniel Goulding after Ryan Bradley fouls Donncha O’Connor Donegal. 0-3 Cork 0-3

19 Excellently executed free from Michael Murphy after Patrick McBrearty is fouled by Noel O’Leary. Donegal 0-4 Cork 0-3

20 Ciaran Sheehan punches over Paul Durcan’s crossbar as Cork break the Donegal gain line Donegal. 0-4 Cork 0-4

24 Rory Kavanagh wins possession in the middle of the field and drives on to point himself. Fine score. Donegal 0-5 Cork 0-4

25 Once again Donegal’s advantage is short-lived as Colm O’Neill scores a good score when cutting inside. Donegal 0-5 Cork 0-5

26 A well worked Cork score sees Colm O’Neill on the mark again after the chance was laid on by Donncha O’Connor. Donegal 0-5 Cork 0-6

27 Confidently taken score by Karl Lacey after the Four Masters man piled down the left to get onto Neil Gallagher’s pass. Donegal 0-6 Cork 0-6

27 Ciaran Sheehan curls one to perfection on the right foot in front of Hill 16. Donegal 0-6 Cork 0-7

30 Instant impact from sub David Walsh as he knocks over seconds after coming on. Anthony Thompson with the pass. Donegal 0-7 Cork 0-7

34 Donegal edge in front again through the fist of Mark McHugh. Karl Lacey’s ball around the side found the Kilcar man. Donegal 0-8 Cork 0-7

40 Excellent long range score from Colm McFadden after a pass from Mark McHugh Donegal 0-9 Cork 0-7

41 Frank McGlynn scores a fine point. With no support the Glenfin makes his way down the flank and pops it over with the left. Donegal 0-10 Cork 0-7

43 An All-Star score from Karl Lacey after he’s put into space by the roaming Neil McGee. Donegal 0-11 Cork 0-7

44 Aidan Walsh scores Cork’s first score of the second half with a well-taken effort from distance. Donegal 0-11 Cork 0-8

46 A great burst by Rory Kavanagh almost resulted in a goal; Anthony Thompson puts it over for a point. Donegal 0-12 Cork 0-8

48 Ciaran Sheehan scores for Cork to make it a three-point game Donegal 0-12 Cork 0-9

50 Eoin Cadogan fouls Michael Murphy and Colm McFaddden is on the money again from the places ball. Donegal 0-13 Cork 0-9

54 Thumping free-kick from Michael Murphy from all of 50 metres puts Donegal five up. Donegal 0-14 Cork 0-9

56 Cork are not lying down and Paul Kerrigan scores precisely from the 45-metre line. 0-14 Cork 0-10

58 Colm McFadden is on fire!! Brilliant score again, this time from a 45. Donegal 0-15 Cork 0-10

65 Donegal’s lead is cut to four points as Colm O’Neill scores a point on the turn with his left foot. Donegal 0-15 Cork 0-11

67 Substitute Martin McElhinney splits the posts after he is free by Frank McGlynn. Donegal 0-16 Cork 0-11

72 Goal for Cork. Colm O’Neill tucks under Paul Durcan but it’d too little, too late. Donegal 0-16 Cork 1-11