Letterkenny Gaels unhappy with minutes of meeting

Tom Comack


Tom Comack

Letterkenny Gaels’ failed in their bid to have the minutes of the November county committee amended at Monday night’s county board meeting.

Letterkenny Gaels’ failed in their bid to have the minutes of the November county committee amended at Monday night’s county board meeting.

The November meeting was the contentious meeting where county committee voted on the thorny boundary dispute between St. Eunan’s and Letterkenny Gaels.

Letterkenny Gaels requested that the minutes of that meeting be amended with club secretary, Jim McGlynn, stating they had three important amendments they wanted to add to the minutes before they were adopted.

The amendments, he felt, were a true reflection of what was discussed on the night and in the interest of accuracy he felt it was necessary to include them.

The club wanted recorded that the committee members had received submissions from both clubs on the issue; that the chairman on the night (P.J. McGowan) had asked delegates ahead of the vote had they read the submissions and had they received instruction from their clubs on how to vote on the issue.

They also wanted included that county committee confirmed that they had called for the parish of Aughaninshin be the catchment area of Letterkenny Gaels.

However, after a lengthy discussion on the matter involving McGlynn and John McDermott (Letterkenny Gaels), St. Eunan’s Charlie McAteer and Paul Carr with contributions also from Denis Ellis, Naomh Columba and John Travers, Aodh Ruadh, county committee took the decision on a vote not to amend the minutes.

Acting chairman Mick McGrath stated that his recollection was that the vote was taken on whether or not there was an agreement in place between the two clubs and nothing else.

This was backed up by county secretary Aodh Mairtin O’Fearraigh and that the minutes could not be altered afterwards to include something that was not discussed on the night.

Paul Carr accused Letterkenny Gaels of wanting to add something to the minutes that was not said only because they were appealing the decision; an accusation that was rejected by John McDermott, who said their appeal lodged long before they had received their copy of the minutes of the meeting.

The proposal to have the minutes amended was put to a vote and it received the support of just 13 delegates while a counter proposal from St. Eunan’s (proposed by Paul Carr) got the backing of 22 of the delegates with notably seven of them from the officer board.

The Gaels’ proposal received the backing of one member from the top table.

At the November meeting the committee voted 40 to 36, with six spoiled votes, that there was no agreement between the two clubs prior to the affiliation of Letterkenny Gaels. This effectively decided that the parish of Aughaninshin be the club area of Letterkenny Gaels.

However, this decision was overturned by the Ulster Council on appeal from St. Eunan’s.

At Monday night’s meeting following a query from Jim McGlynn it was learned that the main officers of the county board had decided not to appeal the decision of the Ulster Council to Croke Park; something which the Letterkenny Gaels official said was a decision to be made by county committee and nobody else.

But it was agreed not to pursue the issue as Aodh Mairtin O’Fearraigh was the only main officer present on the night. The chairman, PJ McGowan (who was absent on Monday night), will be asked to explain the reason behind the decision at the next meeting.