Letterkenny GAA club headed for ‘GAA Court’

Peter Campbell


Peter Campbell

A bitter dispute between two Letterkenny clubs is bound for the ‘GAA court’.

A bitter dispute between two Letterkenny clubs is bound for the ‘GAA court’.

The issue over boundaries between Letterkenny’s two Gaelic clubs, St. Eunan’s and Letterkenny Gaels looks set for a new twist with Letterkenny Gaels set to take the dispute to the Disputes Resolution Committee (DRA).

The issue of boundaries between GAA clubs is one that causes friction in every county and the Letterkenny one has become increasingly bitter in recent times.

The present dispute came to a head at a recent Donegal Co. Board meeting when club delegates from clubs in Donegal voted that there was no agreement in place over boundaries between the Letterkenny clubs and as a result a new bye-law passed in Donegal last year that clubs be confined to parish boundaries would divide the town of Letterkenny with the Gaels having a catchment area in the relatively new Aughaninshin parish (Ballyraine, Letterkenny) with St. Eunan’s having the catchment area of Conwal and Leck.

St. Eunan’s appealed the Donegal Co. Board decision to Ulster Council and were successful. Because the appeal was against a decision made by the Donegal Co. Board, Letterkenny Gaels do not have an avenue to appeal the matter to Croke Park, which would be the normal route.

However, this week they have notified all the clubs in Donegal as well as the Donegal Co. Executive that they will be pursuing the matter through all avenues open to them.

As the only avenue left to them is the legal route, through the DRA, it looks as if this dispute in Letterkenny is going to have a legal conclusion.

The full Letterkenny Gaels statement is as follows:

“C.L.G. Gaeil Leitir Ceannainn are disappointed and concerned at recent events which have sought to deny both our Club and County Committee the right of Appeal against the recent Decision of the Hearings Committee of the Ulster Council in respect of the ongoing dispute on Club Boundaries.

Our Club will continue to pursue all avenues within the Official Guide of the GAA in order to ensure that the decision of County Committee on this dispute is upheld and that equality of treatment is accorded to our Club in the related process.”

The only other option open to Letterkenny Gaels is to take the matter to the Disputes Resolution Committee (DRA) and as the Gaels have stated that they will pursue all avenues open to them, then that looks the likely course.

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