Final of Spring Dressage League at Deane’s

Final of Spring Dressage League at Deane’s
In the final of the Spring League, the rain stayed away with Pairs Fancy Dress adding aa bit of craic as imaginations ran wild.

In the final of the Spring League, the rain stayed away with Pairs Fancy Dress adding aa bit of craic as imaginations ran wild.

There was plenty of competition at Deane’s on Sunday in all the classes.

In Class 1 Cyndi Graham on Dougall got the best score of the day with a total of 73.08 percent followed closely by Orla McDowell with 68.46 and Dara Beth McLoone on Lady took part in her first competition and got a great score of 64.62 percent.

For Class 2 Aileen O’Keeney on Tia was back to her winning ways and claimed first spot with a fine score of 71.5 percent. 2nd was Lauren Bradley on Tilly Tequila with a score of 68.5 percent and 3rd place was claimed by Hannah Marie Slater on Tango with a score of 67.5. All riders in class 2 were in great form as they all scored over 64 percent.

Class 3 was a tighter competition as all riders were within about 10 percent of each other. Kirsten Rice on The Little Rascal was delighted to claim first spot with a score 67.86 percent after finishing 2nd for the last 3 weeks. Vera Keatings was surprised to claim 2nd place but had a fine score of 66.78 percent. Shane Harley on Charlie and Kathie Boyle on Uisce were joint 3rd in a closely contested class.

In Class 4 Kirsten Rice again claimed first spot with 68.28 percent closely followed by Shane Harley with 65.17 and Finula Coughlan on Bambi in 3rd with 64.48 percent.

The overall champion rider for the dressage league went to Kirsten Rice on The Little Rascal who narrowly beat Shane Harley on Charlie by just 1.26 percent over the 4 weeks of competition. Well done to all riders who competed in the league for a great competition.

There were flowers and ribbons and costumes flying in the breeze for the fancy dress pairs section and well done to the horses for putting up with it. Riders have to be in time and together as they perform the test as well as being in fancy dress.

First up was the Walk and Trot Test won by the ‘Pigs in Black’ aka Hannah Marie Slater and Louise Burke with a score of 75.00 percent who dressed as pigs in FBI suits. Who were followed closely by The Frilly Easter Bonnets and the Derry Druel Edjits in their angry birds all in one suits.

The Walk Trot and canter Test was a bit harder and the costumes got more elaborate. This was won by ‘Zebra Crossing & Danger Black Spot’ aka Lauren Bradley and Damaris Scott on a score 71.00 percent who dressed up as a Zebra and Dalmation and coloured their horses as well. But Lady Gee Gee and Nikki Dressaj were not to be out done as horse and rider were dressed up as the flamboyant pop stars.

Many thanks to the dressage judge Claire Fitzsimmons from Dublin and scribe Maria Stack from Letterbarrow.


Class 1 Score Collective Percentage

Orla McDowell Culmore Breeze 89 20 68.46

Cyndi Graham Dougall 95 22 73.08

Dara Beth McLoone Lady 84 19 64.62

Class 2

Aileen O’Keeney Tia 143 22 71.5

Lauren Bradley Tilly Tequila 137 21 68.5

Damaris Scott Rebel 132 19 66.0

Hannah Marie Slater Tango 135 21 67.5

Katana Brown Jingle Bells 131 20 65.5

Lily Kelly Brynn 129 19 64.5

Class 3

Mary Finneran Sasha 170 55 60.71

Vera Keatings Bushfield Lady 187 59 66.78

Shane Harley Charlie 184 59 65.71

Kirsten Rice The Little Rascal 190 59 67.86

Kathie Boyle Uisce 184 59 65.71

Ester O’Kane Vara 157 52 56.07

Tracey Alcorn Valentino 183 60 65.36

Class 4

Lucy Stewart Dedo 177 56 61.03

Finula Coughlan Bambi 187 58 64.48

Kirsten Rice The Little Rascal 198 63 68.28

Shane Harley Charlie 189 59 65.17

Mary Finneran Sasha 174 53 60.00

Vera Keating Bushfield Lady 187 57 64.48

Pairs Walk & Trot

Pigs in Black Louise Burke/Hannah Marie Slater 120 44 75.00

Frilly Easter Bonnets Kathie Boyle Cyndi Graham 110 42 68.75

Derry druel Edgits Katana Brown/Sean Brown 98 38 62.5

Pairs Walk Trot and Canter

Zebra Crossing/Danger Black SpotLauren Bradley/ Damaris Scott 142 42 71.00

Lady GeeGee & Nikki Dressaj Lucy Stewart/Tracey Alcorn 139 42 69.50

Catch Me if You Can Finula Coughlan/Shane Harley 138 40 69.00