Donegal Badminton celebrate 2014 season

Donegal Badminton celebrate 2014 season
The 2013/2014 Co. Donegal Badminton League sponsored by Fleming Steel concluded with the annual Donegal Badminton Branch Dinner Dance.

The 2013/2014 Co. Donegal Badminton League sponsored by Fleming Steel concluded with the annual Donegal Badminton Branch Dinner Dance.

The event with presentation of Fleming Steel trophies which took place in Kee’s Hotel Stranorlar on Friday 9th of May with almost all clubs represented.

After an excellent meal served by the management and staff of Kee’s Hotel, David Duncan , chairman of the Co. Donegal Badminton Branch Council gave a warm welcome to all of the attendants. David thanked all the council for their hard work over the past season, congratulated the clubs and players on their success and thanked the management and staff of the hotel as well as a special thanks to Mr. Andrew Fleming, who was on hand to make the presentations and Fleming Steel for their support over the past season.

Player Of The Year Grade Awards 2013/2014


Minor C, Shannon Russell, Three Rivers, Minor B, Laura Russell, Three Rivers, Minor A, Fiona Hillen Duffy, Hillhead, Junior, Rachael Darragh, Raphoe


Minor C, Kyle Wilson, Greenbank, Minor B, Aaron Magee, Raphoe, Minor A, Martin Mooney, Greenbank, Junior, Glen Duncan, Laghey, Senior, Ryan Macbeth, Raphoe

Overall Players Of The Year Award 2013/2014

Lady, Fiona Hillen Duffy, Hillhead, Male, Glen Duncan, Laghey

John Quinn Cup for the most improved badminton player nominated by Raphoe Badminton Club, Aaron Magee, Raphoe


Ladies Div. 1: Winners, Raphoe: Rachael Darragh, Elaine Dunne, Miriam Thompson, Nissa Henderson, Gemma Coyle, Sarah Nairn.

Runners Up, Dunfanaghy: Deborah Moore, Hazel Fisher, Siobhan Parker and Carol McElhinney.

3rd, Newtown, 4th, Hillhead.

Mens Div. 5: Winners, Greenbank: Kyle Wilson, Cameron Wilson, Andrew Wilson and Ronan Hoy

Runners Up, Conwall: James Atchenson, Previn Kuthy, Des Nairn and John Brady

3rd, Lennon, 4th, Three Rivers, 5th, Dunfanaghy, 6th, Raphoe.

Mens Div. 4, Section A: Winners, Raphoe: Dylan Laird, David Laird, Gordon Craig, Aaron Magee and Andrew Lowry.

Runners Up, Dunfanaghy: David Moore, Robert Alcorn, Sam McElhinney, Graham Sterrit and Leslie Sterrit

3rd, Greenbank, 4th, Carrigart.

Mens Div. 4, Section B: Winners, Ballintra: William Corscadden, Jason Patterson, Arthur Corscradden and Stewart Graham

Runners Up, Conwal: John Love, Sajeah Nair, Sean O’ Donnell, James Atchenson and Previn Kuthy

3rd, Three Rivers, 4th, Doorin, 5th, St. Johnston.

Division 4: Winners, Raphoe, Runners Up, Ballintra.

Mens Div. 3, Section A: Winners, Greenbank: Martin Mooney, Ivan Wilson, George Chapman, Thomas Steel and Nils Sanderson.

Runners Up, Burt: Mark McLucas, Ross Thompson, Ryan McClintock and Colin Stevenson.

3rd, Three Rivers B, 4th, Ray, 5th, Carrigart.

Mens Div.3, Section B: Winners, Raphoe: Evin Henderson, Jeoffrey Magee, Keith Magee, William Magee, Mark Laird and Gordon Craig.

Runners Up, Three Rivers A: Matthew Warke, Christopher Kemps, John Hunter and Gareth Moore.

3rd, Dunfanaghy, 4th, Laghey, 5th, Hillhead.

Mens Div. 3: Winners, Greenbank, Runners Up, Raphoe.

Mens Div. 2: Winners, Laghey: Glen Duncan, Graham Harron, Dale Duncan, David Harron, David Duncan and Stephen Duncan

Runners Up, Raphoe: Evin Henderson, Aaron McCauley, Josh McMullan and Mark Laird.

3rd, Dunfanaghy, 4th, Burt, 5th, Newtown, 6th, Hillhead.

Mens Div. 1: Winners, Raphoe: Ian Macbeth, Ryan Macbeth, Evin Henderson, Aaron McCauley and Josh McMullan.

Runners Up, Ballindrait, 3rd, Newtown.

Mixed Div. 3: Winners, Conwall: Breda McNulty, Dorothy Moore, June Nelson, John Love, James Atchenson and Pervin Kuthy.

Runners Up, Three Rivers: Diane Russell, Shannon Russell, Emma Gallagher, Andrew Knox and Alan Porter.

3rd, Newtown

Mixed Div. 2: Winners, Lennon: Katleen McFadden, Carol McElhinney, Andrew McFadden and Wesley Baird.

Runners Up, Hillhead: Jane Gamble, Donna Porter, Robert Smyth, David McKeague and Vinnie Harkin.

3rd, Conwall, 4th, Burt, 5th, Three Rivers.

Mixed Div. 1: Winners, Three Rivers: Rachael McNulty, Kathy Ann Gibson, Megan Colhoun and Laura Russell.

Runners Up, Raphoe: Elaine Dunne, Miriam Thompson, Nissa Henderson, Gemma Coyle, Evin Henderson, Keith Magee, William Magee, Mark Laird, Gordon Craig and Aaron Magee.

3rd, Dunfanaghy, Joint 4th, Newtown and Hillhead, 5th, Lennon.