Donegal Town Showjumping basks in the sun

Donegal Town Showjumping basks in the sun
Sunday, July 14th was a glorious day. On this, the 20th anniversary of the show, the sun shone and the crowds were treated to a wonderful show.

Sunday, July 14th was a glorious day. On this, the 20th anniversary of the show, the sun shone and the crowds were treated to a wonderful show.

Billy Graham’s preparation of the ground was meticulous, as always and this was reflected in the many enthusiastic comments made by competitors throughout the day. Many families attended and spent their time divided between watching the show jumping in the field and playing on the beach and in the sea.

From the first to the last there were very many competitors, in fact, so many that the last were still jumping at 10.30pm!

The Show has three awards, one for the pony classes and two for the horse classes. The Aimee Lee Meehan Memorial Cup was won by Shane McCloskey riding his pony, Sunkist Lad, in the 148 1.10m class.

Lynne Russell riding Rockmount Misty Star won the Brendan Boylan Cup in the 1.10m class while Brian Quigley, for the fourth time, won the Seamus Campbell Memorial Cup. He was riding Culmore Euro in the 1.20m class. Our twentieth anniversary show was certainly memorable!

We wish to extend our grateful thanks to the following who have provided sponsorship in order that the Show may continue to thrive: Abbey Hotel, Dom Breslin’s Bar & Restaurant, Donegal Town Hardware & DIY, Dermot Clarke, Glebe Builders, McIntyre’s Service Station and Old Church Veterinary Hospital.

Robert Ellis again provided the many shrubs which serve to enhance the quality of the challenging courses designed by John Chambers while Raymond Nolan ensured that all due safety measures were applied.

The Committee wishes to acknowledge all the time and effort everyone puts in to make the day run smoothly and to ensure the success of the Show. Without these people we would be unable to produce such excellence.

Results of Donegal Town and District Show Jumping Event held on July 14th

Pony Classes

128 – 80cms

1st Bellaghy Princess (Ulanda Anthony)

128 – 90cms

1st Mr Merlin (Donel O’ Connor); Annaghmore Mini Monde (Donel O’Connor); Sparkling Little Chester (Amyleigh McCauley); Yes John (Samuel Wilson); Brady Buster (Louise Burke)

138 – 90cms

1st Foyfins Close Call (Tyrone Flanagan); The Silver Bandit (Tyrone Flanagan); Difflin (Orla McDermott)

138 – 1m

1st Foyfins Close Call (Tyrone Flanagan); 2nd Difflin (Orla McDermott)

148 – 1m

1st Cherokee Charlie (Jordan Lynch)

148 – 1.10

1st Sunkist Lad (Shane McCloskey); 2nd Wilma Princess (Jonathan Smyth); 3rd Talyas Diamond Link (Tyrone Flanagan; 4th Tirconaill Bluebell (Jonathan Smyth); 5th Bracken Flame (Caitilin Taggart)

Horse Classes


1st Bens Beauty (Mary Barron); Ballyderowen Amero (Nicole Lynch); Admiran Tornado (Richard Kerins); Royal Dublin PKZ (Alison Irwin); Monkey Star (Sarah Kelly); Charlton Chloe (Mark Mulrine); Curtis Cruise (Martin McGowan); Lates Magic (Mary Barron); Battlestown Price Tag (Shannon Cole); Skydanze (Marie Molloy); CHS Diva (Sarah Kelly)


1st Dullerton Promise (Simon Scott); Ash View Rock (Alison Irwin); Dullerton Eclipse (Ellen McCollum); Ping Ball (Jonathan Smyth); Admiran Tornado (Richard Kerins); Ballyartan Blue Jay (Ann-Marie Hughes); Tahoma Cruise (Zoe Farren); Ardragh Madam (Maurice Bingham); Rumour Started (Jaymie Smyth); Lenamore Dorle (Julie Fiatte); Dullerton Gold Girl (Simon Scott); Lenamore Charlotte (Cormac McCormack); Some Night (Ann-Marie Hughes); Charlton Chloe (Mark Mulrine); Cairnview Countess (Elizabeth Craig); Alonzo (James Wheeler); TwentyFour Main Street (Jonathan Smyth); Jolico (Ellen McCollum); Salsa (Lynne Russell); CHS Diva (Sarah Kelly); Bellspark View (Ian Miller); Windyhall Clover Queen (Simon Scott)


1st Rockmount Misty Star (Lynne Russell); 2nd Annaroo Flight (Simon Scott); 3rd Salsa (Lynne Russell); 4th Tullyroe Diamond Lux x (Brian Quigley); 5th Ardragh Madam (Maurice Bingham); 6th Jolico (Ellen McCollum); 7th Atlantic Roller (Richard Kerins); 8th Lenamore Lucy Lou (Juile Fiatte); 9th Admiran Nutmeg (Lisa Smyth)


1st Culmore Euro (Brian Quigley); 2nd Annaroo Flight (Simon Scott); 3rd Errybella Flight (Maurice Bingham); 4th Marie Douglas (Jordan Coyle); 5th Flighty Sally (Dermot McAlaney).