Letterkenny Ladies perform well

Letterkenny U-15 Ladies showed a big improvement recently in their game against Virginia, who have been playing together for five or six years.

What a performance especially from Mia Alcorn, who led the way with something like 25 tackles, and managing to score the try and a conversion.

It wasn't only Mia with the two Duffys Tara and Jade doing trojan work in the lineouts and rucks and Amy McClintock, fresh from Young Scientist fame in Dublin, played a stormer, picking and driving on numerous occasions.

Skipper Emma Curran did her bit and her tackling was of the top notch, but in the end the greater experience of the visitors gave them tries when it counted.The other two forwards cannot be forgotten for both Kelley Higgins and Hannah Callaghan were to the fore around the field with both having driving runs and numerous tackles to their name.

The backs did their bit as well and scrum-half Sarah McBrearty fed her new half back partner Nel Carr with consistently good ball, who incidentally was second in the tackle count with 15 tackles. Both Shannen Wilkin and Chloe Wasson did their jobs as diligent wingers and got their tackles in as required, and as tides of Black shirts stormed the Kenny positions, the other McBrearty Mary-Beth was closing down and harassing the ball carriers as well as getting a couple of nifty runs, unfortunately she had to go off with 15 minutes to go due to the result of a high tackle, however she assures me that she will be ready for battle next week.

Lucy O'Connell came in at full-back and fielded several high balls while under severe pressure, as well as making great use in setting her fellow backs on their way.

To lose to Virginia by conceding only 5 tries was a brilliant result, as was the try Kenny scored which came about after continuing pressure on the opposition line. Virtually everyone was involved before Mia Dived over for a deserved try. Which she then converted.

The best part of the day was to come when the Virginia Coach said that the lowest number of tries they had scored this season was seven tries, and that we were the hardest team they had faced this season.

Team: Tara Duffy, Jade Duffy, Amy McClintock, Kelly Higgins Hannah Callaghan, Emma Curran(Capt), Sarah McBrearty, Nel Carr, Shannen Wilkin, Mia Alcorn, Mary Beth McBrearty, Chloe Wasson, Lucy O'Connell.

The girls will pay Enniskillen next, home and away, but the big news is that the under 18s will play their first match ever against Enniskillen at home on the 24th January, and their first away match on 31st January.