Looking for that flash of inspiration

One of the country’s leading business consultants is coming to Letterkenny to share some of the secrets of generating great ideas for a new business.

One of the country’s leading business consultants is coming to Letterkenny to share some of the secrets of generating great ideas for a new business.

Joanne Hession will be headlining a one-day event called ‘New Ideas Day’ at the Colab building in Letterkenny Institute of Technology on Tuesday, March 6th. The event is being organised by Donegal County Enterprise Board as part of Enterprising Donegal Business Week 2012.

The focus of the workshop will be learning the approach you can use to generate new business ideas or to invent new ideas for an existing business. “There are lots of tools you can use to generate ideas”, says Joanne. “For example, during the workshop we’ll look at some new types of business that have appeared internationally over the last year but that haven’t yet been tried in Ireland. These might present an opportunity.”

Another example Joanne gives is of taking an existing business but using a new approach. “There is a butcher in Spain who has installed a vending machine outside his shop so that people can buy products even when the shop is closed. We will encourage that kind of thinking on the day – looking at how you can change an existing business to make it more successful”.

A former Programme Manager for the Smurfit Business School at UCD, Joanne Hession began her career at Ernst & Young before starting her own business in 1998. She now runs QED International and QED Training Ireland, working with over 20 trainers and consultants, and was listed as one of the top 100 All-Island Business Women by Irish Entrepreneur Magazine.

The workshop will begin by looking at how to generate new ideas for a business and then how to select the ones that have real potential. Joanne will also be looking at how existing businesses can reinvent themselves using the same techniques. There will also be an interactive session when attendees will work as a group on a new business idea to see how they can make it better. After a complimentary lunch, the day will continue with presentations on how to protect your new idea from Richard O’Connor of Cruikshanks & Co. Intellectual Property Attorneys and Siobhan Bolger of the Patents Office. There will also be opportunities to have one-to-one meetings with the enterprise support agencies such as DCEB and Enterprise Ireland, as well as learning about upcoming programmes such as the Enterprise Platform Programme and the Discovery Zone. There will also be some local businesses in attendance that have developed new products and services and are ready to share their experience on a one-to-one basis.

Pre-booking a place for this one-day workshop is essential as it is limited to 45 participants. Anyone wishing to attend the one-day workshop should contact Celine Carroll, Donegal County Enterprise Board on 074 9160735 or email ccarroll@donegalenterprise.ie

For further information about other events during Enterprising Donegal Business Week 2012 you can visit the Donegal County Enterprise Board’s website at www.donegalenterprise.ie and register online.