Donegal is the cheapest county to get a tooth out

New survey reveals that Dublin is the most expensive for the procedure whilst Donegal is cheapest

Michelle NicPhaidin


Michelle NicPhaidin


Donegal is the cheapest county to get a tooth out

A new survey shows that the average cost of an extraction is €85 across the State, but it is possible to have the procedure carried out in Donegal for around €58. 

A survey carried out by surveyed 1,225 dental surgeries across the country and the findings were published in the Irish Independent this morning. 

The cost of a metal filling in Donegal is around €61.25 whilst the same procedure in Dublin would set you back €78.67. According to the findings of the survey, Donegal is one of the cheapest counties in the country to get the procedure done. In Cavan, the procedure costs around €60.

The cost of getting a white filling is €30 more expensive in Dublin than in Donegal. 

Donegal is more expensive than average for in clinic whitening. The procedure costs around €360 in Donegal with the nationwide average being €280.83. 

Donegal is the second cheapest in the country to get veneers with the average price being €450 and the nationwide average being €556.66.