Proposal brings a hushed silence to packed ballroom

Romantic proposal in Donegal town ballroom

Matt Britton


Matt Britton


Proposal brings a hushed silence to packed ballroom

The packed ballroom of the Abbey Hotel in Donegal Town was brought to a hushed silence last night when one young man was invited up on stage to make a very important announcement.

The occasion was Glór Tíre’s Conor O’Donnell’s launch of his new album “Choices” where he was joined by Robert Mizzell, Patrick Feeney, Grainne Gavigan, Ailish McDaid and Patricia Maguire to name but a few,

At the pre-arranged time of 10.15 pm, singer Patrick Feeney invited Jack Campbell of Falcarragh up on stage after he performed the country favourite “Pamela Brown”.
Jack, who is physically challenged told the 500 plus crowd that he had always been a great fan of country music but never really had the opportunity to really enjoy it as he just wasn’t able to jive.

Jack then invited his now fiancée, dance teacher Megan Ruddy, also from Falcarragh, up on stage and professed his gratitude and love for her - and then it was down on his knee to pop that big question, “Will you marry me, will you be with me for the rest of my life?”

A moment’s silence ensued until the lovely Megan replied “Yes” much to the relief of Jack and indeed everybody in the audience.

Jack told the Democrat. “I am a big country fan and often looked in envy as I watched couples dancing away to their heart’s content. I wanted to be out there with them.”

Megan, who is a dance teacher, set the internet alight a few years ago, with her jive video on YouTube so much so much so that it went viral. She presently teaches jive to many around the county from Letterkenny to Carrick.

He added, “It was Megan who helped me realise my dreams - she taught me every step and I suppose during that time love blossomed. The first time I managed to get out on the floor was at a Patrick Feeney dance and my first jive with Magan was to “Pamela Brown”. That’s why the song is so important to me and why I picked tonight for this special occasion - Patrick was in on the whole thing and was of great help.”

A true gentleman Jack had the diamond ring, a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the ready as he got down on his knees for what has been the most memorable night in his life.

There is no doubt that love stories can begin with the jive,