The Queen of Aran ferry will berth at Tory island on Friday

Michelle NicPhaidin


Michelle NicPhaidin


The Queen of Tory ferry will be on the island on Friday

An opportunity will be provided for the people of Tory Island to see the ferry boat the 'Queen of Aran' tomorrow evening when it will berth at the island pier. 

Tory islanders had said that they would refuse to allow the vessel to land on the island on April 1st - the day that it was planned to begin servicing the island.

However, Tory islanders recently voted in favour of a report by mediator Pól Ó Gallchóir which had been presented to islanders at a meeting on March 23rd.

The recommendations include accepting provision of a 12-passenger fast ferry service in tandem with the conventional ferry. 

In a statement to this newspaper, the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht said: "Given the nature of the recommendations made by Mr. Ó'Gallchóir, it is not possible for them all to be in place for April 1st.

"The Department has, however, been working with Comharchumann Thoraí with the aim of having a short term contract for a 12 passenger fast ferry in place by 1 April," the statement read.  

It is, as yet, uncertain how much, if any, extra cost will be associated  with the implementation of Mr. Ó'Gallchóir's recommendations.

The case for funding will be evaluated at different stages of the project  from the start-up stage to completion, depending on the availability of resources and in compliance with the provisions of the Public Spending Code.  

Meanwhile, works have been carried out on the propellers of the Queen of Aran to ensure that it reaches the speed it should before it begins to service the island this Sunday. 

The owner of the 'Queen of Aran,' Seamus Boyle, said that the propellers were being pitched in order for the boat to be able to gain a speed of 10 knots.
The Aranmore man said that the ferry is one of the most modern in the country: " We expect to run a good service - to the best of our ability.”
The ferry will go to Tory Island on Friday and the people of Tory are invited to come and see it.
They can also inspect the boat in Burtonport on Saturday between 2pm and 4pm.