Donegal on top of the world in Glasgow

Ailbhe and Seoda Wang dance their way to the top at World Championships

Matt Britton


Matt Britton


Donegal on top of the world

Ting Wang with her daughters Seoda and Ailbhe from Donegal Town celebrate with their world globes after their performances in the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow,. INDD 290318 Chams 1 MVB

A number of weeks ago we wrote about the impact of Irish Dancing on one Chinese family in Donegal Town and predicted that they would be the first Irish/Chinese World Champions in Irish Dancing.

This week in the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow, Ailbhe and Seoda Wang realised their dreams and captured the much sought after World Globes.

This  was not the only success for the McNelis Cunningham School of Dance as Ellie Campbell also from Donegal Town and Emily Coolangelo from Dungloe also took two globes at this international event.

Isobel Cunningham, who originally danced with Riverdance with the McNelis sisters, told the Democrat this morning, “This is an amazing success story - there are 10,000 dancers from absolutely every corner of the world - Japan, Hong Kong, the US, UK - everywhere you can imagine and our girls come out tops.

“Mind you, we still have an opportunity to take another few golds with the event not finishing until Sunday and Gerard Byrne already a world champion still to dance."

There's no doubt about it, Irish Dance is very much alive and well in Donegal.

The Tang family from Donegal Town with their World Globes having danced their way to the top in the Royal Concert Hall on Monday. INDD 290318 Chams 5 MVB