Students invited to give up social media for a day for a worthy cause

Trocaire challenges students during Lent

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter


Students invited to give up social media for a day for a worthy cause

Students from schools across the county are being encouraged by Trócaire to take part in a ‘gruelling challenge’ to help people in the developing world this week.

The ‘Sign Up Sign Out Challenge’ takes place on Wednesday, March 7th, although the challenge can be done at any point during Lent. It is hoped that school students, who are old enough to have social media accounts, will stay away from them for one day only.

Reidin O’Connor from Trócaire said: “Many of us associate Lent with giving something up so as part of this year’s Lenten campaign we are asking post-primary students to give up something for Lent that may prove easy for some but incredibly difficult for others – social media.”

During the time they are offline those at Trocaire are hoping they will seek sponsorship or organise fundraising events to raise money for the organisation.

"It’s a light-hearted way of getting across a very serious message. The break away from the ever-present Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram will hopefully give students the opportunity to reflect on life outside the digital world. In the real world children just like them in the developing world face huge challenges,” said Reidin.

Kumba, the little girl on this year’s Trócaire Box, is only seven year’s old but has already survived an Ebola outbreak that killed 4,000 in Sierra Leone and a landslide that killed 1,000 of her neighbours. 
Reidin said: “All over the developing world there are millions of children who are unable to attend school because their parents need them to help search for food or they can’t afford books. 

"Some families have also had to flee their homes because of conflict. It’s children like this that Trócaire will help in the coming year through support for the Lenten campaign. We receive incredible support for the campaign from schools right across County Donegal and we have no doubt that students will do their bit once again for the children in dire need overseas.”

To find out more about the challenge or to sign up visit ignout