Two Donegal towns to get promotional signage

New signs will give Bundoran and Ballyshannon tourism brands

Declan Magee


Declan Magee


Ballyshannon and Bundoran signs

Above, a mix of signs here in Ballyshannon at the Allingham Bridge, new signs will be available for Ballyshannon and Bundoran.

New tourism signage for Ballyshannon and Bundoran has been promised following a meeting between local councillors, council officials and Transport Infrastructure Ireland officials.
The branding signage for the Ballyhannon and Bundoran bypass has been called for to help give the towns tourism brands that help attract visitors .
Cllr Barry O’Neill called for the improved signage at the Donegal Municipal District last year.
He said the need for new tourism signage was identified by local tourism establishments and businesses.
“There is existing tourism signage but we need to see an initiative to to reflect a theme, have more brown siagne,” he said.
The new brown signage is to brand Bundoran along the lines of Ireland’s premier tourism resort and Ballyshannon as Ireland’s oldest town. That claim comes for the archaeological sites discovered in the area date back as far as between 4000 and 2500 BC.
“Neither of these themes are reflected on the bypass as you approach the town”, Cllr O’Neill said following the meeting earlier this month.
“Approaching Ballyshannon you have signs for Belleek Pottery And Lough Erne,” he said. “That’s ok but when you are driving through Fermanagh you don't see signs for Ballyshannon and Bundoran. I’m not saying you remove it but you complement it with what the local offering is.”
When the bypass was completed it was supposed to be complemented with signage that would engage visitors, built signage has been “piecemeal” over the years.
“There are signs that say ‘Heritage Town’ built there need to be unique to the town. This is about branding. When you approach Kells in Meath on the motorway it says, ‘Kells - Heritage Town’. We need several signs that point to what the towns have to offer.”