Huddle up Errigal focuses on the year ahead

Voluntary help needed to organise events for this year

Michelle NicPhaidin


Michelle NicPhaidin


Huddle up Errigal focuses on the year ahead

Organisers of 'Huddle up Errigal' are looking forward to their third year of overseeing an event which is gathering in popularity every year.
Every September a seamless line of coloured figures make their way up the 2,624 foot mountain to raise much-needed money for local charities.
The event, which is now in its third year, has raised thousands of euro for local charities in the area. Hundreds of people take part in the event and many travel from Scotland and further afield. Celtic fans from all over Donegal and beyond are also very much involved.

Building on success

Spokesperson for the event, John Joe McGinley said last year's 'Huddle up Errigal' was very successful and they are hoping to build on that success this year.
A meeting was held recently in Teach Jack in Glassagh where plans for the 2018 event were discussed. The success of Huddle Up Errigal depends on the help of dedicated volunteers. Once again people are being urged to help in the organisation over the three days in September.
This year the event will take place on September,7th, 8th and 9th.
This year's event will also celebrate the spirit of '88, recalling the centenary double and 130 years of Celtic.

Strong connection with Celtic

The weekend will also see local events taking place in various pubs and night spots around Gaoth Dobhair.
On February 23rd, a table quiz takes place in Teach Jack in Glassagh to raise funds.
The people of west Donegal and Scotland have always enjoyed a close kinship which emanates from a time when men and women went 'across the water' in search of work.
This relationship is ignited at the Huddle up Errigal weekend and it has now become a calendar event in west Donegal.
It is hoped to create a permanent memorial in Glassagh that celebrates the 'huddle' and the strong connection that Gaoth Dobhair enjoys with Celtic.

Further information

For further information and to volunteer your much-valued services you can check the official Facebook site for 'Huddle Up Errigal' where you can message the organiser.
You can also tweet the @huddleuperrigal and send a personal message.