Majella and Daniel to showcase their new home on RTÉ programme this Sunday night

Majella and Daniel O'Donnell thrilled and delighted with renovations on their home

Michelle NicPhaidin


Michelle NicPhaidin


Majella and Daniel to showcase their new home on RTÉ programme this Sunday night

All Majella O'Donnell wanted was to have better light in her kitchen when she approached the RTÉ 'Room to Improve' presenter Dermot Bannon at an homes exhibition in the RDS in Dublin. 

Majella approached Dermot and asked him if he would come up to Donegal and have a look at her kitchen. Dermot  asked her if they would take part in the show. "I'll call. We'll talk," she said.

Daniel was abroad at the time and Majella called him about taking part in the RTÉ series. 

Majella and Daniel decided on a budget of €200,000. 

Building began on the couple's home in September and continued for five months. 

Speaking to Greg Hughes on Highland Radio, Majella said: "We are absolutely delighted and thrilled. The kitchen was dark and we had two rooms that we never used. We had a sitting room that was kind of away from the other part of the house so we never really went up to it because it was too far away from the kitchen and we had a sun roof you had to go through another to get there so we didn't really use that."

The RTÉ expert got into the home and totally transformed everything. 

"Not only has he given us a new house but the feeling in the house is just unbelievable. It's really tranquil and we have views now that were always there but before you used to have to walk over to the window and look out at the view. Now, the view is in on top of you, it's stunning," she said. 

Majella said that Dermot Bannon was very 'hands on.' She described the expert as being enthusiastic and exuberant. 

The celebrity couple are due to take part in the B&B roadtrip again this year, much to everyone's delight. Filming begins for this on March 8th and the couple enjoy it immensely.   

Majella said that towards the begining after the budget had been agreed,  Daniel did get angry when the final costings came back: "It was totally different to what the budget was and Daniel wasn't happy at all. I suppose it depends on how the show is edited, editing is everything."

'Room to Improve' returns to RTÉ One on Sunday, February 18 at 9.30pm.