Nineteen people homeless in Donegal over the festive period

Report on homelessness

By Michelle NicPhaidin


By Michelle NicPhaidin


Nineteen people homeless in Donegal over the festive period

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Nineteen people were homeless in Donegal from December 25th to 31st, according to a new report released by the Department for Housing, Planning and Local Government. 

The department's report is based on data provided by housing authorities, captures details of individuals utilising State-funded emergency accommodation arrangements that are overseen by housing authorities.

The report focuses on the month of December in 2017. 

The figures show a decrease in the number of both homeless adults and homeless families nationally, with family homelessness at its lowest level since June 2017. The number of adults in emergency accommodation nationally decreased by 16, while the number of families in emergency accommodation nationally decreased by 122, including 254 children.  

Minister Eoghan Murphy said that significantly fewer children were in emergency arrangements during December compared to the previous month.

"Obviously we still have more work to do to help children and families in to secure homes, but this is good progress for those families who were accommodated during the month of December,” the minister said. 

Forty six people in the north west were described as homeless in the report, nineteen in Donegal and twenty seven in Sligo. No one was homeless in Leitrim according to the report. 

“Homelessness will continue to be a challenge and the Government will continue to work relentlessly to exit as many people from emergency accommodation, as well as prevent people from entering homeless services, over the course of 2018. I would like to thank the continued and dedicated efforts of all of those involved in resolving this crisis, including staff in my Department, the local authorities, the non-governmental sector and other volunteer organisations,” the minister said.