Amazing act of generosity at Christmas in Kilcar

Charity the winner as Kilcar parish reaches out

Michelle  NicPhaidín


Michelle NicPhaidín



The chapel in Kilcar where charitable initiatives have raised over €4,000.

The people of Kilcar and surrounding parishes opened their hearts this Christmas and supported those who are less forunate than them in Dublin and across the globe.
The well known priest, Father Eddie Gallagher, said that a number of charitable initiatives at Christmas were of great benefit to those in need in Ireland and further afield.
As the Christmas period began, the prayer room in the Kilcar chapel was used to store non-perishable goods. These good were being stored for the benefit of those who attend the Capuchin Day Centre for the homeless which is run by Brother Kevin Crowley in Dublin.
The initiative began on December 3rd and ran to December 10th. O'Donnell's garage in Dunkineely sponsored the transport of the goods to Dublin. Mary Anderson, Fintra, Killybegs was also instrumental in the initiative.
The second initiative involved shrine candles which people could purchase for €1. The initiative raised €1,000 which went to benefit the Father Peter McVerry Trust in Dublin which helps the homeless.
Many bought shrine candles and others made donations to the fund.
Each year, Fr. Gallagher places an alms box beside the crib to raise money for certaincharities.
This year, those who attended Mass kindly and generously placed money in the alms box over the Christmas period.
The proceeds from the box amounted to one thousand euro being raised.
Fr. Gallagher said that €500 of this money was donated to Sister Mary O'Malley who works in one of the biggest slums in the world in Nairobi where almost one million people live.
Sister O'Malley is a regular visitor to the Kilcar area.
Fr. Gallagher said that the second sum of €500 was also donated to a sister Dolores Sweeney from the region who also carrys out great work in Sierra Leone.
Fr. Gallagher said that he was exceptionally pleased that so much money and food was gathered to help those who are less fortunate.