Call made for volunteer responders in Ardara

Funds raised to purchase three new defibrillators for local area

Michelle  NicPhaidín


Michelle NicPhaidín



It is hoped that boxes, similar to the one pictured, will be seen in key areas in the Ardara and surrounding areas in the coming weeks.

Cardiac first responder volunteers are urgently needed in and around Ardara town to be on hand to save lives should the need arise.
A former emergency care practitioner with the south western ambulance service in the UK, Kevin Gifford, said a fundraising initiative raised enough money to purchase three defibrillators for Ardara ahead of Christmas.
It is being planned to put the three defibrillators on walls at key locations throughout the area.
He and Teague McFadden are now hoping that a volunteer network will be established in the locality.
These volunteers will be on hand to react to emergencies under the direction of the national ambulance service.
Training, equipment and uniforms will be provided in return for a commitment to respond.
Ongoing support and further training will be made available.
“Ardara is one of the festival capitals of the county. There is a huge amount of footfall here,” Kevin said.
He added that other local areas have defibrillators on walls and he and his collegaue, Teague McFadden feel that Ardara should also have the life-saving equipment.
An information evening will be held on Wednesday, January 24th in Ardara.
Anyone who requires further information or who would like to volunteer, may call Kevin Gifford on 086 896 9434.