'Ollie' the dog survives mobile home fire

Young couple lost all their belongings in blaze

Michelle  NicPhaidín


Michelle NicPhaidín



Ollie the dog , sitting on the bed which (inset) was completely destroyed in the fire in Porthall.

A young couple in their twenties have been left devastated after a fire ravaged their home on St. Stephen’s night.
Dominic Lynch and his partner Tamara McBride had gone to her parent’s home in Killygordon to enjoy dinner with her parents when they got a call to say that their mobile home, in Porthall, had gone up in flames.

Dominic’s mother, Kathleen, was the first to notice the fire. She called her husband, Philip, who rushed to the caravan and as he entered, flames were eating through the caravan ceiling.
Their son, Hugh, rushed to help and as he made his way out of the mobile home with a television, the caravan windows exploded and the side collapsed.
Two fire brigades attended the fire and managed to extinguish the flames.
Speaking to the DPP/ Donegal Democrat, the family told of the devastating circumstances of the fire.
Dominic, a 24 year old student at Letterkenny IT, said: “It’s a nightmare. Everything is completely destroyed.”
All of his material for college went up in the blaze including laptops, hard drives and a memory stick which held all his college assignments.
“We are borrowing clothes from family,” he explained.
His car, which was parked outside the home, was almost destroyed as the caravan erupted into flames. Water had to be poured on the car to keep it cool as it sat close to the fire.
Christmas presents which Tamara and Dominic planned to give to family and friends were sitting at the bottom of their Christmas tree. Gifts from loved ones that they had received sat alongside them - they were also destroyed.
“Every single Christmas present has been destroyed and sentimental things too - like a framed photograph of my godson Hugh,” Dominic said.

Money that was being kept in the mobile home also went up in the blaze. Dominic estimates the fire has cost them thousands.
Tamara, who also studied to be a make-up artist, lost all of her cosmetics and brushes.
Nothing remains of the caravan but a shell which lies as a dark reminder of the home they once shared. The couple are now homeless.
They have no permanent residence and had applied to Donegal County Council for a house.
This week, Dominic faces into his first year exams and after all that has happened, he hopes to defer them.
One of the redeeming features of the entire ordeal is that Ollie, the couple’s much-loved Jack Russell terrier made it out of the burning inferno with the help of Kathleen.
Dominic’s sister has set up a gofundme for the couple. If you would like to donate, please go to: