Sean Heraghty was a 'mighty beam of love' to his family

Priest in moving tribute to Sean Heraghty

Michelle  NicPhaidín


Michelle NicPhaidín



Sean Heraghty

A large crowd attended the funeral Mass of Sean Heraghty which took place in St. Fionan’s Church in Falcarragh at the weekend.

Sean Heraghty, 26, died after being struck by a car at Sandhill, Dunfanaghy at around 4.15am on Wednesday last.

At Mr. Heraghty’s funeral Mass on Saturday, chief celebrant, Fr.  Denis Quinn said  Sean had given the gift of love to his family and friends.

He said: “I am very much aware that all words are inadequate to temper our grief or begin to heal the pain being so keenly felt at this time.”

He urged those gathered to share their grief with one another and to share the sadness and pain that they felt.

Fr. Quinn recalled being told many years ago by a wise seminarian that on the day that you meet extreme tragedy, there would be feelings of blame and guilt, both of which are natural, but neither of which are helpful.

He added that when God put us on this earth, we were but little specks but that we have the propensity to give so much love - to become beams of love, and Sean had been “a mighty beam of love” to all his family and friends.

He recalled that Sean had been very much loved by his friends, family and all who knew him.

“That is why we are so sad today,” Fr. Quinn said.

Fr. Quinn told those gathered that life is fragile.

He recalled Sean as being a keen golfer and a huge Celtic fan.

It is understood that Sean, a quantity surveyor from Glasgow had been on a family holiday in Donegal over the Christmas period.

“It is a day for giving thanks for life and holding dear the good memories that we have of him,” Fr. Quinn said during the moving homily.