Donegal man recalls the shock when he realised he would be building the Millennium Falcon in Malin Head

By Staff repoter


By Staff repoter


Donegal man builds Millenium Falcon for Star Wars

A Donegal scaffolding expert has revealed that it was a bit of a shock when he was asked to build the Millenium Falcon on Malin Head for the epic Star Wars movie. 

The Lifford man had been sworn to secrecy about his work on the Disney Lucasfilm film in 2016.

However, with The Last Jedi now in cinemas, Eddie Gallen has spoken to the Press Association about his work with director Rian Johnson and bringing the Millennium Falcon to Ireland. 

"I met them down in Malin Head, I wasn't sure what they were looking for, to be honest," the 48-year-old told the Press Association. "I knew they were looking for access platforms etc and something to support props. 

He recalls the shock he felt when he was handed a bit of paper which basically said that he would be building the Millennium Falcon in Malin Head.

Eddie had previously worked over the years erecting platforms for archaeological restoration at another Star Wars location - Skellig Michael. He was recommended for that project and the Star Wars job by his longtime friend and colleague, events coordinator Mike O'Shea.

The challenges of building the iconic piece were not small as the 12m x 12m Millennium Falcon was sitting on the edge of a cliff in an area that is often very windy. 

Eddie was delighted with the end result:"It looked really, really well and the location made it look even more special."