Flights from Donegal to Glasgow may be in jeopardy

Deputy Pat 'the cope' Gallagher expresses concern

By Michelle NicPhaidin


By Michelle NicPhaidin


Flights from Donegal to Glasgow may be in jeopardy

Flights from Donegal to Dublin has been confirmed for the next four years but the flights from Donegal Airport to Glasgow may be in jeopardy.  

The Department of Transport has confirmed their intention to award the Donegal Airport Public Service Obligation contract to Stobard Air for flights to Dublin. 

The contract starting on February 1st, 2018 and running until January 31st, 2022.

However, the Glasgow flights from Donegal Airport are in jeopardy as Stobard Air has expressed doubt regarding their future intentions for the flights to Glasgow, according to Deputy Pat 'the cope' Gallagher. 

Deputy Gallagher said: "The loss of the Glasgow flights would be a severe blow to the airport and the entire county – I will be seeking a meeting with Stobard Air at the earliest possible convenience in order to make the case for the retention of the flight to Glasgow. It is critical for the future growth and expansion of the airport that these flights be retained stated Pat the Cope.

He added, the final sanctioning of the new contract for the Donegal Airport PSO will take place in early January by the Minister, after the required period for contract renewal expires. 

"I have being working closely with the department on this matter for the past number of months and moreover have been making the case for increased investment in the airport since my re-election to the Dáil, Donegal Airport has been the engine for regional growth for the past number of years and is a major catalyst for growth in Donegal at present," he said. 

The Dungloe-based representative said that the potential loss of the Glasgow flights to the airport will seriously undermine the financial viability of the airport.