Letterkenny University Hospital had fifth highest number of patients on trolleys in November

Nationally a 7% reduction when compared to November 2016

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Letterkenny University Hospital had fifth highest number of patients on trolleys in November

Letterkenny University Hospital

Letterkenny University Hospital had the fifth highest number of patients on trolleys for the month of November. INMO trolley/ward figures for November show that there were 502 patients on trolleys in Letterkenny.

The hospitals with the highest number of patients on trolleys, in November were:

 University Hospital Limerick:            878
University Hospital Cork:                   651
University Hospital Waterford:        624
University Hospital Galway:              539

Nationally the latest Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) Trolley/Ward Watch figures confirm the number of admitted patients (91,147), on trolleys or overcrowded wards, continues at record levels in the first eleven months of this year (tables attached). This is a 6% increase, on the first eleven month of 2016, and a 95% increase on the first eleven months of 2007.

However the latest figures, for the month of November, confirm a 7% reduction when compared to November 2016. This is broken down as follows:

6,212 admitted patients, on trolleys, in Emergency Departments and 2,476 admitted patients, on trolleys/extra beds on inpatient wards.

This gives a total of 8,688 admitted patients, without a proper inpatient bed, in November 2017.

The ED Taskforce meets this Thursday, 7th of December at which the INMO will again be seeking confirmation that all hospitals are allowed/resourced to do the following:

Open all available beds;
Introduce incentivised recruitment/retention packages to ensure additional nursing staff are employed to deal with this continuing demand;
Ensure senior clinical decision makers are available, between 8am and 10pm, over the seven day cycle; and
Ensure all available resources are provided for community beds/home care packages and community nursing requirements leading to no waiting lists for same.

Speaking this morning, INMO General Secretary, Liam Doran said: “The latest November figures confirm a welcome 7% reduction in the number of admitted patients, without a bed, in November, compared to November 2016. The reduction, in the numbers on trolleys in Emergency Departments, is particularly welcome. However, the very significant increase in additional patients on inpatient wards, on trolleys or additional beds is most disturbing and suggests hospital management are increasingly repeating the mistakes of the past. Overcrowding wards has never solved the problem, of hospital overcrowding, and this will only be done through additional acute beds.”

Mr. Doran concluded: “The INMO will be raising these latest figures, at the ED Taskforce meeting on Thursday. We will be seeking clarity on what further measures are planned, in addition to the four demands outlined above, to address the continuing overcrowding crisis.”