Letterkenny councillors angry at local road funding decisions

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Letterkenny councillors angry at  local road funding decisions

Councillors have hit out at the criteria used to select roads for Local Improvement Scheme funding.

Council officials have been accused of showing arrogance to councillors over the issue and members of the council have claimed they have been left out of the process to select what roads are to receive funding under the LIS funding.

Councillors in the Letterkenny Municipal District expressed their frustration at the process to select roads for the €248,000  allocated to the area at a meeting on Tuesday.

Councillors postponed a decision after requesting further information from council officials.

Councillors have criticised the criteria used by the council to select the roads from the 264 applications made.

The money must be spent within the remaining few weeks of the financial year.

Councillors were angered after further information requested at a workshop meeting on Tuesday morning was not presented to the municipal district meeting in the afternoon.

Cllr  Ciaran Brogan said the failure to provide the information was “a total lack of respect of the role of the elected representatives”.

Cllr James Pat McDaid said that whoever decided upon the criteria was “stripping the responsibility of the local councillors

Director of services, Liam Ward, said he was concerned about some of the commentary from councillors around the issue. “People have referenced arrogance and a lack of accountability. I don’t think that is a fair charge to level at any member of the executive,” he said.

A workshop meeting behind closed doors has been arranged for Thursday morning.