Donegal Island helipad still needs work

New Tory helipad had trial period a couple of months ago

By Carolyn Farrar


By Carolyn Farrar


Donegal Island helipad still needs work

Tory Island

Minister of State Seán Kyne is to officially open the new helipad on Tory Island this July, but members of the council's islands committee said the facility is still in a poor state.

"The work is not good enough that has been done on this," Cllr. John Sheamais Ó Fearraigh, a committee member, said at this morning's meeting of the Donegal County Council Islands Committee.

Marjorie Uí Chearbhaill, bainisteoir of the Tory Island co-op, said she would like to see a timetable for when work on the helipad is to be finished. She said she has been manager of the co-op for eight months and has seen little progress on the helipad in that time.

The minister is due on the island on July 8th for the formal opening of the helipad.

Cllr. Ó Fearraigh said the chips on the surface of the helipad shoot out when a helicopter is landing or taking off from the site, grass is starting to grow around the lighting fixtures in the ground around the helipad, and paint used for markings on the pad is already beginning to flake off.

There was a month's trial of the new helipad earlier this year, starting in February.

The helipad is located above the island's social club. Prior to this, helicopters travelling to the island landed in a field. Helicopter travel to the island is particularly important when poor weather halts ferry travel.