Visit by Donald Trump certain to prompt divided opinions in Donegal

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Staff Reporter


Visit by Donald Trump certain to prompt divided opinions  in Donegal

As events in Washington are watched closely everywhere in Ireland, on can only assume that there will be many in Donegal, and nationally, who will have very mixed views on any visit such is the depth of feeling for and against Mr Trump.

The Green Party said today that any Presidential visit by Donald Trump would be strongly protested, and that Ireland should not condone his actions by inviting him on an official state visit.

Various media outlets are reporting that Taoiseach Enda Kenny has confirmed he had invited Mr Trump to visit Ireland during his presidency, because in Ireland “invitations are always returned, and returned in kind".

Although no reaction has emerged so far from Donegal politicians to a possible visit, it's safe to assume that not all will welcome the news. 

Speaking in response to Trump’s meeting with the Taoiseach at the White House today, Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said: “Our message in response to Trump’s remarks today are clear: you are not welcome here. He may claim to love Ireland, but we certainly don’t love him. We are opposed to his divisive, nationalist, protectionist approach to politics and would protest against any future visit.

“For all these reasons we regret the fact that the Taoiseach's visit went ahead today as if it is business as usual in the White House. We should not be giving any further succour to the current administration by extending a visit to Ireland.”

Meanwhile Solidarity TDs have responded to U.S President Donal Trump’s declaration that he intends to visit Ireland during his term of office by saying that he won’t be welcomed but will be met with protests of opposition.

Paul Murphy TD said “Donald Trump won’t be welcomed in Ireland by the vast majority of people who oppose his racist, sexist agenda.

“He has already had to ‘reschedule’ a trip to the United kingdom because of the force of opposition to his visit and the huge protests he was going to be met with.”

Mick Barry TD said “We want to send a clear message to Donald Trump that he will be met with huge protests of young people, women and migrants who oppose his policies. He should reconsider his travel plans.”

Ruth Coppinger TD said “Obviously, Enda Kenny was so forceful in telling Donald Trump that he was a racist and his ideas are dangerous that he felt free to invite himself to Ireland. I’m sure the next leader of Fine Gael will be delighted that the Taoiseach has passed this onto them. They should decline the visit if they don’t want to see what could be possibly the biggest street protests in decades.”