Protest at sale of Israeli products at Donegal supermarket

Lunchtime vigil at Tesco in Letterkenny

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Protest at sale of Israeli products at Donegal supermarket

A protest against the sale of Israeli products is taking place outside a Donegal supermarket today.

Donegal Awareness For Palestine is holding the hour-long demonstration at 1pm against the sale of Israeli goods by Tesco at Station Roundabout in Letterkenny.

The group is calling the event a boycott vigil and says it is a practical, no-violent and peaceful way of highlighting the issue.

One of the organisers of the event, Marilyn McGonagle, said the event is aimed at raising awareness of the sale of items of Israeli origin in Tesco stores.

Speaking to the Donegal Democrat, she said:

“We are trying to raise awareness that Tesco is still profiting from stolen Palestinian land. There is an interest in the issue in Donegal. Syria has been in the news a lot, rightfully, but there is still interest in Palestine and the response (to the vigil) has been great.”

This is the third such protest the group has held at Tesco in Letterkenny.

“There are of  a lot products from Israel stores - grape fruits and avocados are the main ones- and people need to check the barcode for the number 729 and also the country of origin,” Marylin added.