Calls for CCTV to be installed in Donegal park after 'vile incident'

Cllrs not happy about behaviour

By Eamonn McFadden


By Eamonn McFadden


Councillor Gerry McMonagle tabled the motion at a meeting of

Letterkenny Town Park

by Eamonn McFaddeneditorial@donegaldemocrat @dgldemocrat

Calls have been made for extra CCTV to be made a priority for Letterkenny’s Bernard McGlinchey Town Park following an incident over the Christmas holidays when excrement was smeared on a slide in the children's playpark.

At this month's meeting of the Letterkenny Municipal District, Councillor Gerry McMonagle called on on the council to examine the options available to increase security and safety at the children's play park at the popular town park following the incident.

Cllr McMonagle said this was not an isolated incident but was a “regular occurrence”

Cllr Ciaran Brogan supported the motion.

Cllr Dessie Shiels said it was a matter they had to take seriously as “a line had been crossed” adding “ this behaviour could get worse”.

Area Engineer Fergal Doherty said the park is patrolled three times per night by a security company and he had been advised by a CCTV company that putting extra cameras in the area in question was a “waste of time” due to its dark location.

Cllr McMonagle said he would still seek costings for the cameras and a workshop on the matter.

He said he personally had to block off the slide affected on the day of the incident by securing it with black plastic bags and tape. “We need to get real. There have been a litany of incidents,” he added.

Mayor of Letterkenny Municipal District, Cllr James Pat McDaid said he would support the motion calling the incident a “vile disgusting act”.

Cllr Michael McBride suggested that “covert cameras” used to detect those dumping rubbish illegally could be deployed that could make perpetrators “think twice” in the future.

Cllr Liam Blaney said this incident was “hopefully a one off” and suggested calling for extra cameras may be a “knee jerk reaction”.

Cllr John O'Donnell said it was “terrible” but he felt the matter should not be “highlighted too much”.