12,000 euro settlement for Donegal boy involved in road collision

The child suffered from disturbed sleep for three weeks

By Staff Reporter


By Staff Reporter



Letterkenny Courthouse

A young child who suffered travel anxiety after he was involved in a road collision has been awarded €12,000 in a settlement at Letterkenny Circuit Court.

The boy, who was three and a half years old when the accident occurred in 2013, suffered from disturbed sleep and was upset when travelling in the family car.

The accident occurred on the road between Lifford and Ballybofey when the car the child was travelling in collided with a vehicle that was attempting a u-turn.

Disturbed sleep

The child suffered from disturbed sleep for three weeks, cried a lot and was upset when traveling in cars, the court heard.

His parents bought a new child booster seat as an attempt to ease the anxiety over car journeys, which helped, the child’s barrister said.

The child’s speech development was delayed at the time and his parents were concerned that this was a possible result of the trauma of the collision.

The boy’s symptoms settled down after a period of six months and a specialist established that the delayed speech development was not linked to the collision.

Judge John O’Hagan approved the settlement of €12,000.