Properties change hands in Donegal Town

Properties change hands in Donegal Town
Matt Brittonmatt.britton@donegaldemocrat.comTwitter@britpix

There have been visible signs of recovery in the economy and the property market as a number of new businesses in Donegal town have changed hands with others locating.

Within the next few weeks a total of five new businness will have opened their doors on the Diamond and one the  Main Street in a town that is really bucking the trend.

“Craze” the manshop is moving from the Main Street on to a prime location on the Diamond adjacent to the new Specsavers. Mark Craze, owner, told the Democrat, “This will give me much more space and I will now be including a full range of designer suits, jackets, shirts and a full dress hire service. The shop has turned out really well and we have included quite a few interesting features. Hopefully we will be open by next week.”

Mark’s previous location on the Main Street has been snapped up by a new children’s shop named “Bows and Arrows” while the well known “Tot’s and Tassles”  is moving into the premises knbown as Foody’s on the Diamond.

Meanwhile another new restaurant opened last week adjacent to O’Donnell’s Bar on the Diamond while “Hive” a specialst health food shop has opened on Quay Street. Work has also commenced on the new premises which will be occupied by the well established Harbour Restaurant while ongoing renovations and improvements continue at “Blas” on the Mountcharles Road.