'Be Well Week': Bringing young people together 

'Be Well Week': Bringing young people together 

Young people from Donegal Travellers Project and The Loft LK at Donegal Youth Services this week are holding events to promote youth mental health.

“It’s free and it’s fun, but it’s also about raising awareness of good mental health,” Martin Mongan of Donegal Travellers Project (DTP) said at the launch on Tuesday at the Regional Cultural Centre. 

Be Well Week, which runs through Saturday, April 2nd, was designed by young people from different ethnic backgrounds affiliated with DTP and The Loft LK.

Today, as part of the week’s programme, sporting heroes will take part in “I Like to Move It” at the Aura Leisure Centre.

From 2 to 5pm at the Aura, there will be “boxercise” with Danny “Boy” Ryan, former Irish middleweight boxing champion, and Neil Barrett from Fit Hub, in what organisers hope will be Donegal’s largest-ever circuit class. Young Finn Harps star BJ Banda and Derry City Schoolboys player Jack Dwyer will also be on hand.

Michael Collins of Pavee Point spoke at the launch of a recent study on mental health issues that found racism and discrimination the two most significant issues young Travellers faced.

He said the study also showed that after taking part in workshops as part of the study, young Travellers were more willing to engage with others when it came to mental health. 

Jason Black, the Letterkenny businessman who was the first Donegal man to summit Everest, congratulated the young people on the programme.

He told the launch, “Don’t be afraid to be yourself,” encouraging young people to be proud of who they are, of what they stand for and where they come from.

“There is no room for discrimination,” Jason said.

As the week concludes, there are workshops in hip hop and songwriting, and the spoken word, tomorrow at the Loft; and a show with local performers and comedians from Galway and Dublin, at LYIT on April 2nd.

More at Be Well Week Letterkenny Facebook page.