Did you hear the one about . . . .


Did you hear the one about . . . .

So then what are the chances of two men who went to school in Annagry bumping into each other for the first time in 16 years - in Antarctica, writes Michael Daly.

Well that’s exactly what happened and we have the photo to prove it.

Danny McFadden (with the beard) from Calhame got in touch with us this week by email from Antarctica to tell us how he recently got the shock of his life when his old school pal John Paul O’Donnell from Meenaleck walked in the door of Rothera Research Station, Alexander Island on the Antarctic continent, part of the British Antarctic Survey (UK) research stations.

Danny writes: “Back in 1993 in the 6th class group at Scoil Naomh Duigh in Annagry, never did two young men dream that some day their work would take them to Antarctica - let alone the chances of meeting a classmate from Annagry.”

But that’s exactly what happened and they could not pass the opportunity to get a picture of two Rosses men in Antarctica, with both looking forward to getting back to Donegal shores soon.”

We have heard stories of bumping into Rosses folk all over the world, a chance meeting in Antarctica is remarkable.

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