Centre will be one of world's most advanced

Centre will be one of world's most advanced

A period of  equipment commissioning will begin in the summer before the opening of services in the autumn, he said. 

“I have to express my gratitude to the team who have been involved and have led this very important service,” he said. 

Head of Radiotherapy Physics at the centre, Dr. Andrew Reilly, said the centre is at a very exciting stage with the first items of equipment arriving. 

“Radiotherapy is quite a complex treatment and that's why we have a multidisciplinary team,” he said.

He said the equipment being installed in the centre is the most advanced imaging and treatment equipment  anywhere in the world. “This will not be a second centre to anyone anywhere across the globe. Our job is to make sure that we implement the equipment to its full potential to make sure it is set up in such a way that all of our patients can benefit from it when the centre opens.”

He said the advanced imaging equipment that would be in the centre will allow the team to visualise the cancer much more accurately than ever before. “That will allow us to develop the treatment plan for the deliver of the treatments to make sure they target exactly what is required.” The delivery equipment will allow the team to deliver the dose of radiation with pinpoint accuracy to the patient over the course of treatment. “We will be able to make sure that every treatment  course is truly tailored to the individual.”

There will also be a commitment to make sure the equipment continues to be developed over the time and there will be a clinical development and research programme, he said.