Call out to primary school teachers in Donegal

Funded residencies available for craft projects

Connie Duffy


Connie Duffy


Call out to primary school teachers in Donegal

Craft processes can contribute to learning

The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI) has issued a call out to local primary school teachers in Donegal to engage professional craftspeople in Visual Arts Projects through their local participating Education Centres.

Funded residencies are available through DCCoI’s CRAFTed programme and primary school teachers can apply now using the application form available at

Completed applications should be submitted before Wednesday next, November 13, to participating regional Education Centres who are then responsible for choosing the schools in their area to participate in the programme.

Planning meetings will take place in February 2020 with a view to the classroom projects taking place from February to May 2020.

The CRAFTed programme gives primary school children and teachers an exciting opportunity to explore their creative abilities and learn the skills of various craft disciplines by working with professional craftspeople.

Last year, CRAFTed ran in 74 schools nationwide with 74 teachers, 66 trained craftspeople and over 1,600 children participating in the programme.

Activities include ceramics, woodworking, textiles, animation, fashion design and silversmithing, with students throughout the country developing key skills which are explored through the wider curriculum.

An exciting opportunity to explore their creative abilities and learn the skills

CRAFTed is the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland’s nationwide primary schools programme delivered in partnership with the Association of Teachers’/Education Centres in Ireland (ESCI) and at its core is a desire to inspire the confidence of all involved – teachers, craftspeople and students – so that they may engage with craft and design as a means to explore and grow their own creative skills.

Through craft media, primary school students explore problem solving, experimentation, risk and failure. Additionally, they gain an appreciation and understanding of traditional making and Ireland’s rich heritage of craft.

CRAFTed also focuses on the professional development of teachers and craftspeople in helping them to deliver strong craft and design education at all levels.

Rooted in the development of good collaborative practice between craft practitioners and teachers, the programme promotes craft and design as effective tools for the support and delivery of integrated learning methodologies and the Visual Arts curriculum.

With an emphasis on numeracy and literacy skills, CRAFTed investigates how craft processes can contribute to learning in other subject areas such as the social, environmental and scientific education curriculum.