An increase in number of reports of Lions Mane jellyfish on Donegal beaches

First aid carried out on members of the public who were stung by jelly and Weever fish

Michelle NicPhaidin


Michelle NicPhaidin


Lion's Mane jellyfish on local beaches

Dangerous Lion's Mane jellyfish reported on local beaches

The most common first aid that was carried out on beaches in the Glenties Municipal District area, this year, was treatment for cuts and grazes, Weever fish and jelly fish stings, the coastal officer for Donegal County Council, David Friel told a meeting on Tuesday. 

The Weever fish spends most of the time buried under the sand with just its venomous black dorsal fins showing above the sandy bottom. It grows to a maximum length of 15cm and is found in Donegal.

Jellyfish were common this year with a large volume of calls from the public reporting sightings of Lions Mane jellyfish.

There were no major incidents this summer which is a testament to the level of beach lifeguard service provided.