Huge turnout for school secretaries strike in Donegal

Minister McHugh urged to take note

Connie Duffy


Connie Duffy


Huge turnout for school secretaries strike in Donegal

School staff from Ballyraine NS, Letterkenny showing their support for the National School secretaries industrial action on Friday

School secretaries throughout Donegal held a one hour work stoppage on Friday morning as part of their campaign of industrial action in an effort to get the Department of Education 

As it stands just 10% of school secretaries are employed by the Department of Education. The remaining 90% are paid for out of school funding which supports their wages, caretakers and other school supplies. and without them, schools wouldn’t function.

Local spokesperson, Kathleen O'Doherty said members were attempting to change a two-tier pay system that leaves most staff on the statutory minimum wage.


"Secretaries paid in this way have no pension, sick leave or scale of pay as those paid through the department do and some have to apply for social welfare during the summer months and Christmas holidays.

"We were delighted with the turn out on Friday. Everyone including teachers, SNAs, members of school boards, caretakers and members of the public stood with us. This was the strongest show of force we have ever enjoyed. I hope our local Minister for Education Joe McHugh takes note of this and puts a process in motion to find a solution once and for all," she said.