Storm in a teapot - owner of missing teapot issues appeal for its return!

Do you know where Kathleen's teapot is?

Chris Ashmore


Chris Ashmore


Missing teapot in Inishowen

Kathleen's missing teapot

A plea to return a missing teapot has been issued by a Donegal woman who wants her prized possession back.

Inishowen woman Kathleen Grant bought a lovely catering sized teapot about ten years ago - and paid out £75 sterling for it.

But around a year ago someone borrowed it - she can’t remember who - and she never got it back.

She made an appeal for its return in the notes section of her local newspaper, the Inish Times, a sister publication of the Donegal Democrat.

But to date nobody has come forward.

“I purchased the catering size teapot about ten years ago,” she explained.

She deliberately got the big pot as it was handy for gatherings and events with lots of people.

“People were always looking to borrow a big tea pot for some event and when I saw this one in Linton & Robinson's in Strabane I thought it would be great to own one,” she recalled.

“Now my problem is someone borrowed it about a year ago and has not returned it and I cannot remember whom I gave it too.

“I would be delighted to have it returned so my storm in a teapot can abate,” she said,.

And she added: “It does not mean if you call they 'll be no tea at Castlecooley - I do have a smaller one!”

Meanwhile, the Burt woman suggested that maybe there should be an amnesty day held once a year when people - who often forget to return items - can bring them to a central location. Now that’s not a bad idea.

In the meantime, if you know where the missing teapot is, please contact 087 8175194 and we shall send on the details to Kathleen.